Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Just one of those days ...AGAIN!

And so we had the whole day in Merida to do what we wanted. TC and I decided the first thing was to go to the local laundry and drop of our huge piles of washing (I had bought two lovely colourful shoulder bags in the market in San Christobel - of course one was pink - and unfortunately the colour from both of them had come of on my clothes!!). Afterwards a nice breakfast was on the menu to see us through the day. Followed by a visit to the Olympic museum, then catching an open top bus tour of the city and a brief look around the Contemporary Art Museum and perhaps stopping off for a cup of chai tea in the local coffee/tea shop at some point.

We arrived at the launderette just after ten where we were told that it wouldn't be ready til the following day and not before we were due to leave at 6:30am! And so we trudged back to the hotel still laden with our dirty laundry and headed for the recommended breakfast that turned out to be NOT that great AND expensive for what it was.  Next we set off for the Olympic museum only to be told that the exhibits had been taken down due to renovation work, but not to worry as there were a few photos up to take a look at, however that exhibit wasn't due to be opened until 11pm! 

Off we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art where we discovered that yet again most of the rooms were closed and the one that was open was filled with crappy laminated prints of well known paintings by famous artists. We left rather rapidly.

After getting lost walking around the square we finally found the bus stop with minutes to spare and jumped on the open top bus for the Spanish/English tour round the city ... We found seats in the front row on the top deck and waited. The tour bus set off twenty minutes late and it turned out was only in Spanish! Not only that, but the sound system was so muffled that TC could only hear intermittent words and therefore the only translation I got was: "columns ... 17th Century ... Two sisters ... One virtuous, the other a slag ... One nice, the other a bitch ... 19th Century ... Mansions ... Church ... On left ... On right ... I'm hungry ... I may have food poisoning from the chicken I had at dinner last night ... Smelly wind ...". As you can see it was obviously very educational!?

Whilst sitting though this fascinating tour on the city of Merida, we had to brace ourselves from the cold wind and duck out of the way of low hanging branches, whilst trying to wake our arses that were gradually going numb on the hard plastic chairs!!

After approximately an hour, we were back at The Zocola and hurried off for a nice warm chai latte ... The chai was cold and green and tasteless and the service most definitely did not come with a smile, instead 'the baristas' were more intent on leaning over the counter and getting the best signals on their mobile phones!

I'd had enough! And after a quick lunch of chicken crispy tacos (with refried beans) I went back to the hotel room and watched some crappy subtitled American trash on the TV and felt much better.

The following day was going to be our last together as it was nearing the end of the Mexican tour and Rado and Maria (the Bulgarians), Brad and Nicole (the Australians), Anne and Heather (the Northern Irish) and Emily (Chinese) were going off on their respective journeys. And so after watching the final two episodes of Broadchurch (we really, really had to) TC and I joined everyone on the rooftop terrace for pizza and a shot of Mango Mescal. The evening ended with hilarity as we sat around competing over who had the best 'holiday bowel movement story' (there's always one isn't there?) and then we all retired for the night.

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