Friday, 23 December 2011

Sun, sea, swimming pool and .... shopping!!!

Oh yes!! Yet again we have chosen the perfect place!! And it was only an hours drive from Pondicherry and therefore not enough time for me to get car sick - well it helped that I have now decided to sit in the front passenger seat. Mind you then I spend most of the journey holding my breath and slamming my foot down on an invisible break, while grabbing onto the handle above the passenger door - oh my god I am turning into my mother!!
Over the next few days we are staying at The Seabreeze Hotel in Mallapuram. It is situated on the beach as well as having a large swimming pool within it's massive grounds. Our room has a lovely Verandah just over looking the pool and there is a whole array of shops, cafes and restaurants within easy walking distance ... oh yeah and there are a few more Temples nearby too.
Yesterday was spent just mooching around, getting to know the area and generally DO NOTHING!! Today ... Claude and I made our way over to the Local Tourist Office to find out what was going on in the Village over Christmas. The man behind the counter, smiled, wobbled his head and told us everything would be closed from tomorrow until the 27th - even the restaurants!!!
Now I could survive on a few packets of crisps, a larger packet of biscuits and various things made from refined sugar with a few additives thrown in. Claudine however, started to break out in a cold sweat; for someone as slim and petite as she is, she has the largest appetite known to womankind!! And so before she turned into a complete juddering wreck, I tried to assure her that not only was this country not Christian, but that we were in an extremely touristy area, where there will be plenty of people coming to spend the holiday season and so there would be no way that the Restaurants would be closed over the next three days.
She didn't look convinced and so, we made our way over to The Shore Temple for some enlightenment and a quiet prayer. 
The gods must have been smiling down on us, though I am quite surprised as to why, considering that as we made our way around the 7th century holy ruins, deep in concentration. I realised that Claudine was lagging behind. I turned around to find her standing by a small ancient rock that was sticking out of the ground, concentrating very hard as she scraped cow dung off on it from the base of her shoe!!!
Anyway, as I said, The gods were smiling down and listening to our prayers as it was revealed to us that not only would all the shops be open AS WELL as all the restaurants. But there would be celebrations and partying tomorrow night as well as a months music and dance festival starting on Sunday eve!
Phew!! Moral of this Story ... All Tourists Offices know is 'Sweet Fanny Adams!'
Feeling much calmer Claude took off to look at a few more temples whilst I took off to go and sit by our pool, but got side tracked and ended up stopping off at a jewellery shop and buying a couple of pairs of gorgeous silver earrings!!
Feeling rather pleased with my purchase - as generally I hate shopping - I met up with my traveling partner for lunch, where she admired my new pieces of jewellery and asked me to show her where they came from. I did and ended up buying another pair!!!
Tomorrow is Christmas eve and it really doesn't feel like Christmas at all out here. Not in a bad way at all. It feels great not to have the whole pressure of what to do, who to see, what to buy etc ... This Christmas I intend to spend by the pool ... in the sun!!! Perfect!


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  2. You're very welcome and thanks for taking the time to stop on by and read it.