Sunday, 25 December 2011

Bye bye Tamil Nadu ... another border crossing on it's way!

For someone who hates shopping, I seem to have been taken over by some kind of spirit that needs to spend money!! (maybe it is 'The Ghost of Christmas Presents'?!) but since my last posting I have managed to buy myself another pair of earrings, a little hand made bag, a shawl, a bespoke pair of sandals and put a deposit down on a little summer dress that I have designed and is being made!! Unfortunately there is yet another strike out here! Not exactly sure what it is this time, as there are various stories going around, either something to do with the problems at the border that is on going, or something about the local government wanting to knock the shops down to make a clear pathway around the temples in the village?! Either way, nearly all the shops are shut today and Ruby the tailor is unable to make it over with our new clothes but has promised to post them to us in the UK - I won't hold my breath!!
Yesterday we had the best weather so far since arriving in Tamil Nadu, it was just perfect for a Christmas day lazing by the pool. Especially as I didn't get to bed until the very early hours of the morning, having spent all night at a cafe chatting to a cute looking, funny 21 year old 'Indian Hippy'. Until eventually he asked me to go back to his for a party ... for two!?! I wasn't sure what was more off putting; the fact that he was young enough to be my son and I didn't really relish the idea of playing Mrs Robinson to his Benjamin Braddock (The Graduate) or the fact that when he told me his name was Borat, I couldn't get the image of a moustachioed Sacha Baron-Cohen in a bright yellow mankini out of my head!!
I mean please!!!
And so I let him down slowly, with a smile and a pat on the knee and left.
Today we are catching a plane to Varkala back in Kerala, fingers crossed the planes will not have any problems crossing over the border. But this is India and who knows what she has in store for us next ...

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