Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Chips for breakfast!!!!

Well you may be pleased to know I survived yet another bloody freezing night in Darjeeling!!! The evenings are so cold that last night I went to bed wearing socks, pyjama trousers, thermal long sleeve top (donated by Robert) and a hat (donated by Jess) as well as sleeping under one quilt folded over to double layers, a blanket, another quilt folded over to double layers as well as an airplane blanket ('donated' by B.A.) My ex used to call me 'The Lizard' because I was always cold, but I defy anyone to sleep in less, in a basement room,  in these night time temperatures WITHOUT any kind of heating!!!

Once I had thawed out, I made my way down to breakfast where we were served egg and chips!!! (not sure what kind of impression they have of us Brits out here), it all seemed a bit out of place as that is usually the kind of breakfast you can find me scoffing down late on a sunday morning after a night of reasonably heavy drinking! (those of you that know me well, will know that it only takes one sniff of the wine cork and I'm pissed!).

After breakie Claude went to take a lesson in the girls school and I took the opportunity to spend some time on my own mooching around and praying that I wouldn't get lost if I concentrated hard enough on my surroundings.

It was a very relaxing day! Just walking around the Chowrasta (nothing to do with eating with Bob Marley, just the name for the main square) and then I wound my way up and down the tiny roads looking in at the shops.

To my surprise I managed to find my way back to the house for lunch - the Lasky family gene that has no sense of direction, inherited from my mum's side of the family, obviously has been weakened by the cold night time temperatures and an inordinate amount of curry?

Admittedly though, I was rather thrown at one point when a slightly dirty middle aged man walked up to me and shook my hand then nodded as he seemed to reach out for my right breast!!! I reacted in true British style: I just smiled and said "No thank you." Then subtly took out my hand sanitizer as I rushed off down the street.

This afternoon I made my return to the Orphanage,  the girls seemed delighted to see me again and were keen to know why I had not been back the day before. My Nepalese/Hindi is very limited to the point of non-existance; having tried to learn to say 'Hello', Goodbye', 'Please' and 'Thank you' to no avail, then realising that a simple nod of the head covers all the above. So I didn't know how to explain that I was down at a Tibetan Monastary checking out where the Dalai Lama slept on his visits?!?!

Never the less the copious smiles and hugs were enough to make me feel extremely welcome and sad to say goodnight a couple of hours later.

Well that is all to report on today, as I said it was a very relaxing one, so I am now on my way back to the house for dinner ... wonder what kind of delicacy is on offer tonight? Doubt it will be mum's best ever chicken soup and Kneidlach! There's a good chance it will be curry?

Until next time ...

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